Harmonized Information of Agriculture, Revenue & Irrigation for a Transformation Agenda - Precision Technology for Agriculture

A pilot study to provide micro-climate information from agriculture fields using Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), thereby enabling the dissemination of location specific advisories to farmers for Pest & Disease Forewarning and optimal Irrigation Scheduling.

This experiment is being carried out as a part of HARITA (Harmonized Information of Agriculture, Revenue and Irrigation for a Transformation Agenda) initiative of Government of Andhra Pradesh, being implemented with the objective of integrating the data generated by three departments (Agriculture, Revenue and Irrigation), so as to ensure consistency, efficiency and timeliness of the decision making process.

The main objective of this project is to induct new technologies, especially, sensor-based technologies, for acquisition of real-time data of agriculture and irrigation so as to introduce more effective systems of Integrated Water Management and Personalized Agricultural Extension services

In the first phase, the model is being implemented for groundnut farmers in selected villages at Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh, for forewarning pest/disease incidence and sending personalised advisories to farmers mobile phones in Telugu.

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